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Here’s a great opportunity to get notified by the Reese’s Shop when the following occurs:

New Products Becomes Available: You’ll be the first to know and to try out new & exciting desserts.

Discounts Are Available: You’ll know 1st hand when discounts are in as they will come & go! This comes in handy.

Grown Folk Fridays: It’s coming!!! We will start doing Grown Folk Fridays where we have an upscale day just for Single Grown Folks to hang out, eat Water Ice and Soft Pretzels, have fun, mingle, exchange numbers and more…

Meet & Greet Saturdays: This is also coming to the Reese’s Shop. Meet & Greet Saturdays is for Business Professionals to come together and share their business experiences, exchange business cards, network, socialize, eat Water Ice & Soft Pretzels all while enjoying themselves at the Reese’s Shop! All business types of all trades will be welcome.

This is an Awesome Opportunity to be aware of what’s going on at the Reese’s Shop so signup by completing the form below to start getting notified on upcoming events as More To Come…

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