You are officially hired and ready to start the online Training Site. You can now start your new career as an Excutive Referral Specialist.

Step 1


Click the e-learning Photo on your left to download the document and save to your computer.


Read each steps in the order as it appears to get a better understanding on what to do.


If you get confused, simply go back to get a clear understanding. Remember, you are not timed so take your time.


Step 2


Click the Coupon Photo on your right to download the Coupon Page.


Print one page and there you’ll have 6 coupons on 1 page.


You’ll see a line under Fundraiser Code. Put your code there on all lines prior to making copies.


Follow Step 1d for what your Fundraiser Code is.

Step 3


Click the W9 Photo on your left to download the W9 Form.


You’ll need to complete the form with your personal information only. (No Business information).


The W9 Form doesn’t have to be signed so if you cannot eSign without printing, simply complete the rest of the form and email completed form to:


Follow Step 1b to know how to comlete the W9 Form.



This completes your Step-by-Step Instructions. We wish you the best in your success.


Remember, you can make your own checks so the more you get out there and refer customers, the more you will make. The Sky is the limit!


Welcome to the Reese’s Shop Family!