Come join the fun as the Reese’s Shop is hiring!

We are currently hiring Executive Referral Specialist. This is the easiest career to have working for an awesome employer. Read job details below and if you are interested, complete the online application below for immediate consideration.

Job Duties


Duties would be to run an amazing Fundraising Programgenerate new and returning customers to Reese’s Shop and a percentage will go to the Children’s Miracle Network. 


You’ll receive a Coupon Page that you can download to make multiple copies. Each coupon will have your Fundraiser Code. You’ll give your coupons to friends, family, neighbors, etc online and offline.


For each person that comes in with your coupon and places an order, you are paid a percentage. It’s the easiest career in the world. There are no limits, you may print millions of coupons and give them away. Customers can continue to come over and over again to place an order as long as they have a coupon, you will get the credit.


Step-by-Step Instructions will be provided through our Online Training Site




* Must have access to a computer or Laptop to download your Coupon Page


* Must have a printer to make multiple copies of your Coupon Page or you may take it to Office Max, Office Depot, etc to pay for copies.


* Must be able to post online at least 3 hours a day on all Social Media Sites.


* Must be able to pass out your coupons door-to-door, on vehicles, at Super Markets, Churches, Daycare Centers, other stores and businesses as well as functions that has large gathering.


* Must be serious and willing to work as your main goal is to run a successful Fundraiser Program & to generate new and returning customers to Reese’s Shop.




Pay is every Saturday. Payroll starts on Saturday and ends on Friday. Coupons are collected throughout each Payroll week and added up at the end of Payroll week, which is Fridays.


You are paid the following based on total sales:


* 10% of the total sales of $500

* 15% of the total sales of $1,000

* 20% of the total sales of $1,500

* 25% of the total sales of $2,000+


As you can see, the more coupons you give out, the more money you generate.


Complete Online Application

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